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    我們將以 “放心的質量、用心的服務,優惠的價格讓利于客戶”。 愿我們的努力給您帶來滿意的結果,衷心希望同國內外各界人士精誠合作,熱情歡迎新老客戶惠顧。 

    Shaoshan Guangyuan Manufacturing co. ltd is committed to provide premium concrete products producing solution for our clients; we are specializing in designing and producing flange,concrete pole steel moulds, concrete downcomer moulds, and other accessories for concrete products producing.

    Since we started our business in 1990s, we have accumulated great experience, specialized  equipments and human capital. Now we have a manufacturing factory 100,000 Square Feet, and our annual revenue exceed 4 50 million ( $l0 Million Canadian Dollars) . Our Human capital is one of our competitive advantage; our team is composed of 200+ technicians and 32+ engineers and professional managers. Our products are very popular in mainland china, Mongolia, Africa and Southeastern Asia.

    Providing premium quality and service at a reasonable pricing level is the way we run our business. We are looking forward to talk to you and building long-term business relationship together.

    地址:湖南省韶山市銀田鎮 韶山市廣源鋼模制造有限公司 備案號:湘ICP備2021011393號



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